Sneak Peek: Stories from the field

We interviewed ministry leaders from around the world and asked them to share some of their stories about the best practices (and dangerous pitfalls) of building collaborative ministry partnerships. Click to play!

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A totally new community site is coming soon.

We at visionSynergy are committed to advancing collaboration in Christian ministry around the world. That's why we are launching an updated, revamped, and massively retooled community site dedicated to empowering the leaders of missional networks, partnerships, and other collaborative initiatives.

In the past generation, a new model of ministry leadership has emerged - uniquely suited to our increasingly interconnected world. The "celebrity leadership" model has gone. The "collaborative leadership" model has come.

Collaborative leaders see the world differently. They see networks and synergies, not organizations and limitations. Collaborative leadership is not just about effective teamwork. It is about working across boundaries - across ministries, agencies, and organizations - to accomplish goals, solve problems, and realize dreams beyond the capacity of any individual.

Collaborative leadership has become a focal theme in secular management, education, and research. Yet collaborative leaders in Christian contexts have had few places to go for connections, resources, and further development in the specific skill-sets needed to lead missional networks, partnerships, and other collaborative initiatives. This new community site will be the place to make connections, share ideas, find resources, and move mountains.

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